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In Sphoxie you must help our little spikey blue spherical dude get back home after a portal sucked him to a stange cube world. Many dangers and obstacles await, can you handle it? Made in the UDK/UE4. for more info!



Bizango Blast

You've played and love those other physics games and now you're over those darn birds and want something with a new perspective? Use the Bizango Cannon to blast the bad guys and their structures in a new dimension of challenge and excitement! The Lonies need your help, Stop the invasion from a mysterious enemy and save the eggs. The bad guys are stealing your magic and taking your future by capturing the eggs, its time to defend your world! Be careful because the bad guys have brought the Lonie's eggs to the battlefield! You'll need to aim well to do maximum damage but careful enough so you don't hurt the eggs.



Ask God

You have Questions, God has Answers. After much research through an ancient holy text a secret code was discovered. This code was transformed into a computer code and to much amazement a connection to God was established. With this connection to God you are able to ask Yes or No questions and get a reply straight from the almighty. So now is your chance to demystify all of your mysteries, questions and life! It's super easy just Ask your question and shake the device then You will receive your answer, simple right? However asking the same question twice in a row is cheating, God will know and just give you a random answer.



Shake & Hate

If you are easily offended, overly sensitive or have no sense of humor this app is not for you so just go away. We all know and love that pool ball with the 8 on it. It's supposed to be magical but I can't say it's name here, well this ball is like it but a whole new breed, it has a mighty curse upon it that makes it spew hate. Go ahead ask a question but you'll probably just get insulted. If you're lucky you can get a yes or no answer.